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UK Reproducibility Network (UKRN)

The Liverpool ECMC supports the objectives of the UK Reproducibility Network (UKRN) and the local network in Liverpool. Further details on the UKRN can be found on the website

Professor Bill Greenhalf (Molecular and Clinical Cancer Medicine) leads the University of Liverpool Network. The network includes active contribution from Professor Ben Ambridge, Dr Andrew Jones, Dr Charlotte Hardman, Dr Eric Robinson and Dr Colin Bannard (School of Psychology) and Professor Paula Williamson (Biostatistics).

Researcher KnowHow Workshops

Research Data Management and anonymisation

Online Webinar
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm / Wednesday 24th June 2020

Many research projects require the data they collect to be anonymised if the data are to be shared and used more widely. If this applies to your research, it is important that you plan for the successful anonymisation of data from the start of the project.

This online workshop will introduce you to some of the key factors to consider when organising and anonymising your research data.

See for more information and to book a place.

Research Data Management and reproducibility

Online Webinar
10:30 am - 11:30 am / Tuesday 7th July 2020

Managing your data, having clear objectives about what you want to do with your data at the end of a project, and aiming to be as transparent as you can in your research process are all aspects of good research practice and essential to any future sharing of your data with others.

This workshop will show you how good research data management can help you ensure your research is accessible to, and reproducible by, other researchers. By the end of the session you will have a good idea of how you can address reproducibility issues in your research and plan for the successful sharing of your research data.

See for more information and to book a place.

Latest News

  • Open Research Week - Health and Open Data (responsible research and the ethics of sharing) (13/02/2020) - The event will be opened by Professor Iain Buchan, Programme Director for Digital Strategy and Partnerships Liverpool Heath Partners and will include talks from Dr Ivan Olier-Caparroso from LJMU and Mary Jane Monaghan from UoL. There will be a workshop organised by Open Data Manchester on Open Data and the challenges in implementing good practice.

    For more information please see here:
  • PLOS ONE Registered Reports (30/01/2020) - "Starting today, we’re offering a new option for publishing preregistered research in PLOS ONE: Registered Reports. Unlike most research articles, Registered Reports undergo peer review prior to authors conducting experiments, data collection or analysis in order to support a robust study design, increase the credibility and reproducibility of results, and help address publication bias."

    For more information please see here:
  • QUEST Center Post-Doc Opportunity - "The QUEST Center is offering a postdoc position at the Meta Research Innovation Center Berlin (METRIC-B) headed by John Ioannidis (from 03/2020). Research themes might include (but not limited to) data sharing, reproducibility, indicators for transparency, preregistration and registered reports. Candidates may pursue own project(s) and/ or become involved in John’s projects!

    If interested please apply at:"
  • Vitae Research integrity workshops at the Francis Crick Institute (25th October 2019) - "Vitae in partnership with UKRIO have been commissioned by Research England, on behalf of UKRI to undertake a research integrity landscape study. This project will consider the effects of incentives (drivers and motivators) in the research system on researcher behaviour in the context of research integrity, how these incentives are perceived by different stakeholders and the impact of these incentives on researcher behaviour and organisational practices more broadly. The study involves a number of research workshops between July and October and a large-scale researcher survey in the autumn."

    For more information please see here:
  • Wellcome Survey (closing date 13th October 2019) - "Wellcome is launching an ambitious programme to understand and improve the working culture within research, in partnership with the research community. We want to understand your opinions and perceptions of the culture of research, your view on the drivers of this culture, and your vision for what great research culture would look like. Wellcome plans to publish a report on the findings of this research, as well as making the anonymised survey dataset openly available. Please note that literal comments and any identifiable information will not be made openly available. To find out more visit:"

    Please complete the Wellcome's survey on research culture in Liverpool