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Liverpool ECMC Leads
Professor Daniel Palmer - Centre Lead

Professor Daniel Palmer BSc, MBChB, FRCP, PhD
North West Cancer Research Fund Professor and Honorary Consultant in Medical Oncology, University of Liverpool


Professor Palmer took his current position of North West Cancer Research Chair in Medical Oncology at the University of Liverpool in 2011. His research interests relate to HPB cancers (liver, pancreas and biliary tract) and incorporate basic laboratory science, translational research and clinical trials. His laboratory research is currently investigating novel therapeutic approaches to the treatment of HPB cancer through stimulation of anti-tumour immune responses and targeting tumour micro-environment, and developing and validating biomarkers for a stratified approach to the treatment of pancreatic cancers. He is a member of the UK NCRN Upper GI cancers clinical studies group, and the hepatobiliary and pancreatic sub-groups. He is Director of the Cancer Research UK/NIHR Liverpool Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre and Deputy Director of the Liverpool CR UK Cancer Trials Unit and has established a portfolio of early phase clinical trials and translational studies in this field as well as making significant contributions to multi-centre phase III trials.

Professor William Greenhalf - GCP Labs Operational Director
New_BillG Bill Greenhalf is a Professor in Medical Oncology in the University of Liverpool and is the Operational Director of the Liverpool Good Clinical Practice Laboratory Facility. He came to Liverpool in 1997 from Novartis in Basel, having previously worked at the State University of São Paulo in Brazil. He was awarded a doctorate from the University of Manchester in 1990. He is the lead scientist of the European Registry of Hereditary Pancreatitis and Familial Pancreatic Cancer (EUROPAC) and is the chair of the ECMC Quality Assurance and Translational Science (QATS) group. He sits on the steering committees of various clinical trials (Phase III (e.g. ViP), Phase II (e.g. PROTEKT, CiPHER, EUROPAC2)).

Liverpool ECMC Operational Team

Ms. Charlotte Rawcliffe

ECMC Operational Director


Mrs. Sara Martin

ECMC Manager


Dr. Maria Maguire

CCC Research Manager


Dr. Victoria Shaw

GCPLab Programme Manager


Mr. Greg Gibson

ECMC Senior Trial Co-ordinator


Mrs. Jennifer Derham

ECMC Advanced Research Practitioner


Mrs. Nicole Maziere

ECMC Data Systems Developer


Mr. Nicholas Garbutt

ECMC Senior Clinical Trials Assistant


Mr. Christopher Jones

ECMC Laboratory Technician

Mr. Terry Foster

ECMC Laboratory Technician

Liverpool ECMC Scientific Team
Professor David MacEwan - Pharmacology Lead

David MacEwan studied Pharmacology at the University of Glasgow (BSc, 1988) and then undertook PhD studies at the MRC Brain Metabolism Unit, Department of Pharmacology, University of Edinburgh with Dr Rory Mitchell (PhD, 1991). After postdoctoral studies at Syntex Research (Roche Bioscience) and within the labs of Prof Howard Schulman and Prof Eric Shooter at Stanford University departments of Pharmacology and Neuroscience (1991-1994), he returned to the University of Glasgow as Postdoc with Prof Graeme Milligan (1994-1996).


In 1996 David was appointed Lecturer in Pharmacology at the University of Aberdeen, being promoted to Senior Lecturer (2001) then Reader of Pharmacology (2004). He then moved to the University of East Anglia as Chair in Pharmaceutical Cell Biology and Head of Pharmacology (2005-2013). In 2013, he joined the Department of Molecular & Clinical Pharmacology as Chair in Molecular Pharmacology, and since 2015 is the Head of Department.

Professor Andrew Pettitt - Haemato-oncology Lead

Andrew Pettitt is a Professor of Haematology and an Honorary Consultant Haematologist at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. He leads a large programme of clinical and translational research focussed on lymphoid malignancy. He has strong links with industry and national collaborative groups in lymphoma and haematological oncology.


Andrew's two main leadership roles at present are being Head of the University of Liverpool Department of Molecular and Clinical Cancer Medicine (from 2011) and Chair of the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) Haematological Oncology Clinical Studies Group (from 2012). He was previously Chair of the UK CLL Forum (2006-2012) and a member of the Cancer Research UK Clinical Trials and Awards Committee (CTAAC) (2009-2012). He represents the University on the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust Council of Governors and sits on a number of other local and national committees.

Professor Eithne Costello - GCP Labs Strategic Director

Eithne Costello gained her B.Sc. (Hons) in Pharmacology, at University College Dublin in 1988, and then undertook a cancer-based molecular biology PhD (1993), at University College Dublin, spending one-year of her Ph.D. research time at the University of Berne, Switzerland. She remained in Switzerland for a further six years where she was a postdoctoral fellow, firstly at the Swiss Institute for Cancer Research (ISREC), Lausanne and subsequently at the Institute of Microbiology, University of Lausanne.


In 1999, Eithne took up a lecturer post at the University of Liverpool, establishing her own research group focused on pancreatic cancer, with a particular emphasis on early diagnosis. She is on the Pancreatic Cancer UK scientific advisory board since 2012 and has sat on national funding committees in France (French National Cancer Institute) and Ireland (Health Research Board). She has been an associate editor for BMC Cancer, and is currently associate editor for PLOS ONE.