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Trial Adoption


The LCTU needs to know 2-3 months in advance of any forthcoming grant applications that they wish the LCTU to be involved with.

Trial Adoption Proforma

Click Here to download the Trial Adoption Form.  Please save the form to a folder on your computer before you complete it, this will allow the information in the form to be saved. 

If you complete the form online, you will not be able to save the information that is entered.

Note that Adobe Reader is required to complete the form.

Download the latest version of Adobe Reader (Opens new window)

Once completed, please save the PDF and return it to the LCTU via one of the following email addresses. You must also include a short CV and a current GCP certificate.


Trial Adoption Meeting Dates

Anyone wishing to have a trial adopted by LCTU must attend (or send a representative) the next committee meeting to present and discuss their trial

Trial Adoption Committee Members

  • Professor J Neoptolemos, Director LCTU (Chair)
  • Ms Ruth Stafferton, Senior Research Nurse
  • Professor Dan Palmer, Associate Director LCTU
  • Ms Paula Ghaneh, Associate Director LCTU
  • Dr Bill Greenhalf, GCLP Operational Director
  • Ms Lisa Dobson, Advanced Pharmacist in Clinical Trials Clatterbridge Cancer Centre
  • Ms Leona Trainor, Pharmacist in Clinical Trials Royal Liverpool University Hospital
  • Mr Dennis Helsby, PI representative
  • Mr Paul Silcocks, Senior Statistician LCTU
  • Dr Seema Chauhan, Operational Director LCTU
  • Ms Charlotte Rawcliffe, Deputy Operational Director LCTU
  • Miss Sarah Cottle, PA to Operational Director
  • Dr Trevor Cox, Director of Statistics LCTU
  • Dr Alan Haycox, Health Economist
  • Mrs Laura Marsh, Senior Information Systems Developer LCTU