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UK CLL Trials Biobank

The UK CLL Trials Biobank is a national resource for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) patient samples. We collect and store white blood cells (PBMCs), plasma, serum, germline DNA and tissue blocks (trial specific) from patients who are participating in clinical trials for the treatment of CLL  – currently RIAltO, CLL210, ARCTIC, AdMIRe, CLEAR, RESPeCT, CHOP-OR, CyCLLe and COSMIC. The samples are used by researchers throughout the UK to develop better treatments for CLL or discover new biomarkers.

As part of the RIAltO and CLL210 trials we also perform central pathology review for all patients entering these trials. State-of-the-art Flow Cytometry methods are used to detect Minimal Residual Disease in patients undergoing treatment for CLL – this is a highly sensitive measure of relapse long before it is discoverable by other means, and also allows assessment of treatment efficacy. ”

Samples are also collected from patients on the PACIFICO trial, a phase III Follicular Lymphoma clinical trial. Again, we store white blood cells (PBMCs), plasma, serum, germline DNA and tissue blocks. Tissue microarrays have been made with the trial material, and this along with other samples have been used by researchers nationally and locally.