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FPC Registration Process

Registration with EUROPAC involves the completion of a number of questionnaires and a consent form. These are listed below:


  • EUROPAC FPC Registry Patient Information Sheet
  • EUROPAC FPC Registry Patient Questionnaire
  • EUROPAC FPC Registry Family History Questionnaire
  • EUROPAC FPC Registry Clinician Questionnaire (to be completed by the clinician of individuals with pancreatic cancer)
  • EUROPAC FPC Registry Consent Form


These forms can be obtained by contacting the EUROPAC office on +44 (0) 151 706 4168 or


It is advised that you discuss participation with a member of the EUROPAC team and/or a clinician (your GP or Hospital Consultant) prior to completing these. Ideally you should seek independent advice from a Clinical Geneticist or a Genetic Counsellor.


The flow chart below summarises registration with the EUROPAC study and how we proceed to the secondary screening study .



FPC reg