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The Liverpool Health Economics group exists to promote the best possible health outcomes with available resources through the evaluation of costs and benefits of healthcare interventions. This is achieved in collaboration with local and national health services, other academic groups, and the pharmaceutical industry in order to inform and support healthcare decision-making.

The group was established as a multi-disciplinary group with expertise in health economics, modelling, statistics, health services research, and systematic reviews. The multi-disciplinary nature of the group allows an appropriate mix of skills to be applied to an array of healthcare questions. The group’s status as an independent academic unit with close links to NHS policy-makers and other academic groups ensures the credibility and influence of its work, both within the academic and health service communities.

One of the group’s areas of research is the use of health economics in clinical trials. Economic evaluation in clinical trials seeks to determine the cost-effectiveness of a new medical intervention by considering the health outcomes and costs associated with its use. Data is directly collected from within the trial, often with projection beyond the trial duration, and used to determine the cost per unit benefit, typically in the form of cost per quality adjusted life year (QALY). This information can be used by reimbursement agencies to determine price, to support the product manufacturer’s claims about cost-effectiveness, and to provide information for regulatory bodies.


Dr Alan Haycox
Reader in Health Economics and group director

Dr Lu Han
Statistical Modeller and data analyst

Ms Rachel Houten
Health Economist and systematic reviewer

Ms Claire Mcleod
Systematic reviewer and health economist

Mr Mark Parker
Health economic modeller

Ms Sarah Richards
Health economist and trainee systematic rewiewer


Dr Alan Haycox
Room GE14
The University of Liverpool Management School
Chatham Street
L69 3BX

Tel:+44 (0)151 795 3612