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About the CRUK Liverpool CTU

The Liverpool Clinical Trials Unit (LCTU) was established in 1996 by Professor JP Neoptolemos in order to conduct clinical trials from Liverpool and was soundly developed by a generous award from the Royal Liverpool University Hospital Trust.

The original programme of national and UK-led international pancreatic cancer trials started in 1992 when Professor Neoptolemos and colleagues from other major centres in Europe set up the European Study Group for Pancreatic Cancer (ESPAC) to meet the needs of research in this area - previously almost entirely lacking. The original ESPAC-1 Trial was undertaken from the core funding of the CR-UK Birmingham Cancer Trials Unit. The LCTU adopted and took over the trial management of ESPAC-1 as well as taking on other trials in oesophageal varices, pancreatitis and pancreas function.

Core Programme Funding for LCTU came from Cancer Research UK (2006-2010) and was twice renewed so far by Cancer Research UK (2010-2013 and 2013-2018) to bring it in line with other CRUK CTUs and is one of the divisions with thin the broader LCTU.

UKCRC CTU registration was initially awarded to the LCTU in 2007 and then renewed in 2012 as part of the Liverpool Trials Collaborative.

The LCTU was approved to  join the NCRI CTU Group in 2014.

The CRUK Liverpool CTU now has broad portfolio of clinical cancer trials but with a particular emphasis on pancreas, liver, biliary, uveal, haematological, breast and urothelial malignancies.


Key Contact Information

Director of LCTU: Paula Ghaneh

Deputy Director | ECMC Director: Dan Palmer -

Pharmacovigilance: Carlo

Operational Director: Seema Chauhan - Tel: 0151 794 8285

Deputy Operational Director: Charlotte Rawcliffe - Tel: 0151 794 8167

Senior Trials Manager: Stacey Carruthers- Tel: 0151 794 8383

Director of Statistics and Bioinformatics: Richard Jackson- Tel: 0151 794 8834

Senior IS Developer: Laura Marsh - Tel: 0151 794 8054

Senior Research Nurse: Ruth Stafferton - Tel: 07812238405

Quality Assurance Manager: Emma Law - Tel: 0151 794 8897

LCTU Admin Office: