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Hydration in palliative cancer patients: the testing of a new assessment method

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This study aims to improve the scientific knowledge of hydration states in people with advanced cancer, by using an assessment technique called “bioelectrical impedance vector analysis (BIVA)”. This is a simple, safe, bedside test which involves measuring the water content of a person, using a small, portable, handheld machine called a “body analyser”. Assessing hydration in advanced cancer is an important area as people with advanced cancer may have less desire to drink as their condition worsens. These people may lose their ability to swallow, which may be caused by medical treatments and a general worsening of their condition. This may create anxiety with relatives and carers of the individual, who may worry that their family member may suffer discomfort through a lack of hydration. In this study, people with advanced cancer, admitted to a local hospice over a 12 month period will be eligible for inclusion in this study. Participants will have routine blood tests performed by their clinical team. They will be examined by a doctor and will be asked complete a written questionnaire. The questionnaire will ask the person about symptoms they may currently have, such as thirst and dry mouth. Participants will then have the bedside hydration test performed by the doctor at the bedside using the” body analyser” machine. This is a simple, safe test which involves leads from the analyser being attached by sticky pads to the hand and foot of the individual. The body analyser test usually takes less than 5 minutes to complete. During the study, the assessments will be repeated on each occasion the participant has blood tests taken as part of his/her ongoing clinical care. Outcomes will demonstrate the use of the body analyser technique in assessing hydration, and will establish whether hydration is linked to specific symptoms.

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Hydration in palliative cancer patients: the testing of a new assessment method

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Stephen Mason

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