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UK Meningitis   


TRIM: Development of a novel host blood test using TRanscripts to Identify bacterial Meningitis (uitilises clinical cohort being recruited through UK Meningitis Study)

Basic Trial Information

Phase Type Status Age Sponsor Protocol IDs Recruitment
Diagnostic Accuracy Study Observatory Open Less than one year old JRO: University of Liverpool (UoL000699) Eudract No:
Isrctn No:


To develop a novel test for bacterial meningitis using host transcripts in the blood

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Trial Coordinator

Michael Stackpoole

Trial Coordinator Email Address

Trial Coordinator Contact No


Website Treatment  

There is no treatment given for the UK Meningitis study - it is a wholly observatory study

Trial Endpoints  

Primary Outcome  

To evaluate the accuracy of a new diagnostic test for meningitis, the TRIM test, in a large European cohort

Secondary Outcomes  

To identify facilitators and barrier amongst clinicians and laboratory staff that may be associated with implementing new diagnostic test for meningitis

Examine the health cost/savings of introducing a new meningitis test

To compare outcomes in those with confirmed bacterial meningitis and mimics (patients with look-a-like features to bacterial meningitis who underwent a lumbar puncture for suspected meningitis) following discharge (at 1-6 months post-discharge)

To begin to evaluate new genomic and proteomic approaches in the diagnosis of meningitis


In order to be eligible for the UK Meningitis study:

Patients must

• Be over 16 years of age

• Be suspected of having community acquired meningitis

• Have had, or going to have had a lumbar punctureIf a Lumbar puncture is contra-indicated there must be:

• Indication from the clinician AND positive blood culture or PCR for a bacterial pathogen associated with meningitis

• Radiological evidence of meningitis AND the patient being treated for meningitis

Patients must not

• Have an indwelling ventricular device

• Have post-surgical or procedural meningitis

• Be a prisoner or have no fixed abode



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