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Thursday 7th July

Time Session  
07:30-09:00 Registration, Welcome Coffee and Exhibition  

08:00-09:00 Poster Session  

08:30-09:00 Immunovia Symposium: diagnosis of early resectable stages of pancreatic cancer  
08:30-09:00 Christer Wingren The focus will be mainly on diagnosis of early resectable stages of pancreatic cancer with the IMMray™ PanCan-d biomarker signature.

09:00-10:00 Session Five: Chronic pancreatitis - clinical
Chairs: Paula Ghaneh, Enrique Domínguez-Muñoz, Nicholas Zyromski
09:00-09:10 Oral-16 Antti Siiki Endoscopic treatment of benign biliary strictures (BBS) with a biodegradable biliary stent (BDBS): a possible future management in chronic pancreatitis

Authors: Antti Siiki, Irina Rinta-Kiikka, Juhani Sand, Johanna Laukkarinen
09:10-09:20 Oral-17 serena stigliano Osteopathy is common in patients with chronic pancreatitis, but is not related with Vitamin D and fecal elastase levels (P-BONE study, a Pancreas 2000 Project)

Authors: serena stigliano, Alexander Waldthaler, Emma Martinez Moneo, Stuart Robinson, Marko Malvik, Aleksandra Hedstrom, Aleksandra Kaczka, Marius Scholdei, Gianfranco Delle fave, Peter Simon, Gabriele Capurso
09:20-09:30 Oral-18 Nicolau Vallejo-Senra Cardiovascular risk (CVR) associated with pancreatic exocrine insufficiency (PEI) in patients with chronic pancreatitis (CP).

Authors: Nicolau Vallejo-Senra, Daniel De la Iglesia-García, Andrea López-López, Julio Iglesias-Garcia, Laura Nieto-García, J. Enrique Domínguez-Muñoz
09:30-09:40 Oral-19 Andrea Sheel Diabetes mellitus and tobacco smoking independently increase the risk of developing pancreatic cancer in hereditary pancreatitis (HP) in individuals from the European Register for Hereditary Pancreatitis and Pancreatic Cancer (EUROPAC)

Authors: Andrea Sheel, Eithne Costello, John Neoptolemos, Sara Harrison, Markus Lerch, Julia Mayerle, Ruwanthi Kolamunnage-Dona, Paula Williamson, Paula Ghaneh, Christopher Halloran, Robert Sutton, Michael Raraty, Vincent Yip, Jörg Kleeff, Attila Oláh, Vinciane Rebours, Sergio Pedrazzoli, Thomas Gress, Luca Frulloni, Brain Davidson, Richard Charnley, Ross Carter, Colin McKay, Stephen Pereira, William Greenhalf
09:40-09:50 Oral-20 Agnieszka Magdalena Rygiel The common G60G variant (c.180C_ T) of CTRC is associated with increased risk of chronic pancreatitis in children.

Authors: Agnieszka Magdalena Rygiel, Alicja Monika Grabarczyk, Grzegorz Oracz , Aleksandra Kujko , Katarzyna Wertheim-Tysarowska , Elwira Kolodziejczyk , Dorota Koziel, Artur Kowalik , Stanislaw Gluszek , Jerzy Bal
09:50-10:00 Oral-21 Frank Ulrich Weiss Role of UBR1 mutations in chronic pancreatitis ?

Authors: Frank Ulrich Weiss, Thomas Marschall, Julia Loos, Martin Zenker, Markus M. Lerch

10:00-10:30 Session Six: State of the Art Lecture 1: Indications and optimization of pancreatic enzyme supplementation
Chairs: Matthias Löhr, John Windsor
10:00-10:30 6S-S11 Markus Lerch Indications and optimization of pancreatic enzyme supplementation

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break and Exhibitions  

11:00-12:30 Session Seven: Changing paradigms in pancreatic cancer
Chairs: Eithne Costello, Mike Goggins, Minoti Apte
11:00-11:15 7S-S12 Jörg Hoheisel New technologies to diagnose and treat pancreatic cancer
11:15-11:30 7S-S13 Raul Urrutia Epigenetics in the future practice of pancreatic cancer
11:30-11:45 7S-S14 Paco Real Inflammation and pancreatic cancer
11:45-12:00 7S-S15 Thomas Gress Targeting the stroma in pancreatic cancer
12:00-12:15 7S-S16 Richard Lamb Nutrient responses in pancreatic cancer
12:15-12:30 7S-S17 Suresh Chari Screening newly diagnosed diabetics for pancreatic cancer

12:30-13:00 Session Eight: State of the art lecture 2: How to cure pancreatic cancer
Chair: Paco Real
12:30-13:00 8S-S18 David Tuveson How to cure pancreatic cancer

13:00-14:00 Lunch Exhibitions and Poster rounds  

14:00-15:00 Session Nine: Pancreatic Cancer Surgery: Local and systemic therapies
Chairs: Marco Del Chiaro, Jörg Kleeff, Shailesh Shrikhande, Christos Dervenis
14:00-14:15 9S-S14 Maximilian Bockhorn Neoadjuvant chemotherapy for resectable disease
14:15-14:30 9S-S15 Paula Ghaneh Neoadjuvant chemotherapy for borderline resectable disease
14:30-14:45 9S-S20 Claudio Bassi Local therapies for locally advanced disease
14:45-15:00 9S-S21 Dan Palmer State of the art systemic therapy for pancreatic cancer

15:00-16:00 Session Ten: Pancreatic cancer - Science
Chairs: Michael Schmid, Ainhoa Mielgo, Pedro Pérez-Mancera
15:00-15:10 Oral-22 Daniel Öhlund Pancreatic Stellate Cell Heterogeneity in Cancer?

Authors: Daniel Öhlund, Abram Handly-Santana, Ela Elyada, Giulia Biffi, David A. Tuveson
15:10-15:20 Oral-23 Lawrence Barrera Identification of novel signalling pathways dysregulated in pancreatic cancer-associated fibroblasts

Authors: Lawrence Barrera, Brian Lane, Sarah Brumskill, Frances Oldfield, Rebecca Lamond, Luke Wilkinson, Camino Bermejo-Rodriguez, Karen Aughton, Roberta Sanna, Quentin Nunes, Pedro Perez-Mancera, Fiona Campbell, Timothy Andrews, Phoebe Phillips, Christopher Halloran, Robert Sutton, William Greenhalf, John Neoptolemos, Eithne Costello
15:20-15:30 Oral-24 Lukas Klein Gemcitabine delivery and stromal component analysis in primary murine pancreatic tumours and liver metastasis

Authors: Lukas Klein, Elisabeth Hessmann, Tashinga E Bapiro , Kris Frese , Frances M Richards , Duncan I Jodrell, Thomas M Gress, Volker Ellenrieder, Albrecht Neesse
15:30-15:40 Oral-25 Irene Sangrador ZEB1 deficiency limits the protumoral competence of pancreatic stroma preventing KRAS-induced pancreatic adenocarcinoma.

Authors: Irene Sangrador, Esther Samper, Xavier Molero, Eva Cristina Vaquero
15:40-15:50 Oral-26 Dannel Yeo Targeting PAK1 in pancreatic stellate cells increases pancreatic cancer survival

Authors: Dannel Yeo, Hong He, Phoebe Phillips, Graham Baldwin, Mehrdad Nikfarjam
15:50-16:00 Oral-27 Paola Martinelli GATA6 regulates EMT and tumor dissemination, and correlates with response to chemotherapy in pancreatic cancer.

Authors: Paola Martinelli, Enrique Carrillo-de Santa Pau, Trevor Cox, Bruno Saint Jr, Nelson Dusetti, William Greenhalf, Lorenzo Rinaldi, Eithne Costello, Paula Ghaneh, Núria Malats, Markus Büchler, Juan Jovanna, John Neoptolemos, Francisco Real

16:00-16:30 Coffee Break and Exhibitions  

16:30-18:00 Session Eleven: Pancreatic Cystic Tumours
Chairs: Ross Carter, Steve Pereira, Charles Vollmer
16:30-16:45 11S-S22 Mike Goggins Pathological classification of pancreatic cysts
16:45-17:00 11S-S23 Philippe Lévy Serous cystadenomas
17:00-17:15 11S-S24 Carlos Fernández-del Castillo IPMNs and MCNs, The Boston View
17:15-17:30 11S-S25 Claudio Bassi IPMNs and MCNs, The Verona View
17:30-17:45 11S-S26 Markus Büchler IPMNs and MCNs, The Heidelberg View
17:45-18:00 11S-S27 Vinciane Rebours The diagnostic role of cystic biomarkers

18:00-19:00 NCEPOD Report Launch: 'Treat the Cause' - a review of the care provided to patients with acute pancreatitis
Chairs: Chris Halloran, Richard Charnley, Steve Pereira
Dr Neil Smith
Dr Simon McPherson
Mr Derek O'Reilly



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