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Friday 8th July

Time Session  
07:30-09:00 Registration, Welcome Coffee and Exhibition  

08:00-09:10 Session Twelve: Pancreatic Cancer
Chairs: Thomas Gress, Dan Palmer, Fiona Campbell, Krishna Menon
08:00-08:10 Oral-28 Linda Mellby Early-stage diagnosis of pancreatic cancer offers opportunity to improve overall patient survival

Authors: Linda Mellby, Andreas Holmér, Christer Wingren, Julia S Johansen, Stig E Bojesen, Boerge G Nordestgaards, Carl AK Borrebaeck
08:10-08:20 Oral-29 Paula Ghaneh PET-PANC: Multi-centre prospective diagnostic accuracy and clinical value study of PET/CT in the diagnosis and management of pancreatic cancer.

Authors: Paula Ghaneh, Wai Lup Wong, Bal Sanghera, Andrew Titman, Gillian Lancaster, Catrin Plumpton, Huw Lloyd William, Seow Tien Yeo, Rhiannon Tudor Edwards, Sobhan Vinjamuri, Colin Johnson, Tom Armstrong, Mohammed Abu Hilal, Anthony Higginson, Andrew Smith, Andrew Scarsbrook, Colin McKay, Ross Carter, Robert Sutcliffe, Hemant Kocher, David Cunningham, Stephen Pereira, Brian Davidson, David Chang, Saboor Khan, Ian Zealley, Debashis Sarker, Bilal Al Sarireh, Richard Charnley, Dileep Lobo, Marianne Nicholson, Michael Raraty, Robert Sutton, Jonathan Evans, Fiona Campbell, Jon Deeks, Robert Hanson, Christopher Halloran, John Neoptolemos
08:20-08:30 Oral-30 Joan Vidal-Jove Focused ultrasound in pancreatic cancer (USgHIFU): Improved survival after five years experience.

Authors: Joan Vidal-Jove, Eloi Perich, Antonio Ruiz, Manuela Velat, Angels Jaen, Manuel Alvarez del Castillo
08:30-08:40 Oral-31 Oliver Strobel Refinement of nodal staging for pancreatic cancer based on the number of positive lymph nodes: A population-based propensity score-adjusted analysis

Authors: Oliver Strobel, Ignazio Tarantino, Rene Warschkow, Thilo Hackert, Bruno M. Schmied, Markus W. Büchler, Alexis Ulrich
08:40-08:50 Oral-32 Margaret G Keane Pancreatic Mucinous Cystic Neoplasms (MCN) of any size, without worrisome features can be safely surveyed in women but should be resected in men: A multinational cohort study including 185 patients

Authors: Margaret G Keane, Awad Shamali, Linda N Nilsson, Anne Antila, Judith Millastre Bocos, Monica Marijinissen Van Zanten , Cristina Verdejo Gil, Yrjo Vaalavuo, Toby Hoskins, Stuart Robinson, Guralp Ceyhan, Mohammad Abu Hilal, Stephen P Pereira, Johanna Laukkarinen, Marco Del Chiaro
08:50-09:00 Oral-33 JEROME CROS Metabolic state may define and predict resistance to Mtor-targeting therapies in pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors

09:00-09:10 Oral-34 Jörg Kleeff The impact of diabetes mellitus on survival following resection and adjuvant chemotherapy for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

Authors: Jorg Kleeff, Eithne Costello, Richard Jackson, Chris Halloran , William Greenhalf , Paula Ghaneh, Richard F. Lamb, Markus Lerch, Julia Mayerle, Daniel Palmer, Trevor Cox, Charlotte L. Rawcliffe, Oliver Strobel, Markus W. Büchler, John P. Neoptolemos

09:10-10:00 Session Thirteen: YOUPPIE, YOUng Pancreatologist Platform In Europe
Chairs: Marco Del Chiaro, Johanna Laukkarinen, Núria Malats
09:10-09:40 13S-S28 Julia Mayerle Models and genomics in chronic pancreatitis
09:40-09:50 Oral-35 Robert Moran Gene Mutation Testing for Idiopathic Pancreatitis: Predictors of Diagnostic Yield

Authors: Robert Moran, Niloofar Yahyapourjalaly, Ayesha Kamal, Vivek Kumbhari, Mouen Khashab, Anne Marie Lennon, Anthony Kalloo, Vikesh Singh
09:50-10:00 Oral-36 Giovanni Marchegiani Undetermined cystic lesions of the distal pancreas: when resection is not warranted regardless of the diagnosis

Authors: Giovanni Marchegiani, Tommaso Pollini, Giuseppe Malleo, Andrea Zanconato, Cristina Ferrone, Keith Lillemoe, Claudio Bassi, Carlos Fernandez-del Castillo, Roberto Salvia

10:00-10:30 Coffee Break and Exhibitions  

12:00-12:30 Session Fourteen: Clinical controversies in Acute Pancreatitis:
Chairs: Helmut Friess, Richard Charnley, Jens Werner, Dejan Radenkovic
10:30-10:45 14S-S29 Marc Besselink Radiological and clinical classifications of acute pancreatitis
10:45-11:00 14S-S30 Péter Hegyi Role of alcohol in acute pancreatitis
11:00-11:15 14S-S31 Matthias Löhr Autoimmune pancreatitis
11:15-11:30 14S-S32 Steve Pandol Medical treatment of acute pancreatitis
11:30-11:45 14S-S33 Ross Carter Role of endoscopic and drainage procedures
11:45-12:00 14S-S34 Mike Raraty Minimally invasive pancreatic vs open necrosectomy

12:00-12:30 Session Fifteen: State of the Art Lecture 4: How to identify people at high risk of pancreatic cancer
Chair: Bill Greenhalf
12:00-12:30 15S-S35 Alison Klein How to identify people at high risk of pancreatic cancer

12:30-13:15 EUROPAC: Cockerell Room: EUROPAC Meeting  

12:30-14:00 Lunch, Exhibition and Poster Rounds  
12:30-13:15 Europac
13:15-14:00 Espac

13:15-14:00 ESPAC: Cockerell Room: ESPAC Meeting  

14:00-15:00 Session Sixteen: Pancreatic surgery
Chairs: Maximilian Bockhorn, Yi Miao , Johanna Laukkarinen
14:00-14:10 Oral-37 Thilo Hackert Locally advanced pancreatic cancer: neoadjuvant therapy with Folfirinox results in resectability in 2/3 of the patients.

Authors: Thilo Hackert, Milena Sachsenmaier, Ulf Hinz, Lutz Schneider, Christoph W Michalski, Christoph Springfeld, Oliver Strobel, Dirk Jäger, Alexis Ulrich, Markus W Büchler
14:10-14:20 Oral-38 Jantien Vogel Multimodality treatment of 132 consecutive patients with locally advanced pancreatic cancer

Authors: Jantien Vogel, Thijs de Rooij, Krijn van Lienden, Johanna Wilmink, Hanneke van Laarhoven, Jeanin van Hooft, Otto van Delden, Marcel Dijkgraaf, Robert Martin, Olivier Busch, Marc Besselink
14:20-14:30 Oral-39 Reea Ahola Even long term survival for operated pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDA) is significantly better when the patient is operated in a high volume center. The effect of centralization in Finland.

Authors: Reea Ahola, Antti Siiki, Kaija Vasama, Martine Vornanen, Juhani Sand, Johanna Laukkarinen
14:30-14:40 Oral-40 J. Neoptolemos ESPAC-4: A multicenter, international, open label randomized controlled phase III trial of adjuvant combination chemotherapy of gemcitabine (GEM) and capecitabine (CAP), versus monotherapy gemcitabine in patients with resected pancreatic ductal adenocarci

Authors: J. Neoptolemos, D. Palmer, P. Ghaneh, J.W. Valle, D. Cunningham, J. Wadsley, T. Meyer, A. Anthoney, B. Glimelius, S. Falk, R. Segersvärd, J. Izbicki, G. Middleton, P. Ross, H. Wasan, A. McDonald, T. Crosby, E. Psarelli, P. Hammel, M. Büchler
14:40-14:50 Oral-41 Laura Maggino Number of harvested lymph nodes and stage migration effect in distal pancreatectomy for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

Authors: Laura Maggino, Giuseppe Malleo, Giovanni Marchegiani, Cristina R Ferrone, Keith D Lillemoe, Claudio Bassi, Carlos Fernández-Del Castillo, Roberto Salvia
14:50-15:00 Oral-42 Lenika Calavrezos Perioperative fluid administration has a major impact on pancreatic fistula generation after pancreaticoduodenectomy

Authors: Lenika Calavrezos, Anna Wieshammer, Carsten Jaeger, Helmut Friess

15:00-16:00 Session Seventeen: State of the Art Lecture 5: Extending the boundaries of pancreatic surgery in the 21st Century
Chair: John Neoptolemos
15:00-15:30 17S-S36 Markus Büchler Extending the boundaries of pancreatic surgery in the 21st Century

15:30-16:30 Session Eighteen: Pancreatic Cancer Surgery: The cutting edge
Chairs: Kevin Conlon, Chris Halloran, Attila Oláh, Aliaksandr Varabei
15:30-15:45 18S-S37 Charles Vollmer Quantification of risks and outcomes following pancreatic surgery
15:45-16:00 18S-S38 Yi Miao Expectations from high volume pancreatic surgery
16:00-16:15 18S-S39 Laureano Fernández-Cruz Laparoscopic pancreatic surgery for neuroendocrine tumours
16:15-16:30 18S-S40 Horacio Asbun Laparoscopic pancreato-duodenectomy

16:30-17:00 Coffee Break and Exhibition  

17:00-18:30 EPC General Assembly and President Announcement;  



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